Supporting Education with #HomeownershipMonth

Earlier this year, as our team discussed how we would celebrate National #HomeownershipMonth, none of us could have anticipated how different our world would look only a few weeks later.

At Next Step, we’re fortunate to have experience operating as a remote office – and our staff has the benefit to work safely in their own homes. Unfortunately, during this time of incredible crisis, too many individuals and families are without a safe, stable home.

Most of the philanthropic contributions made during a disaster or crisis are focused toward immediate response and recovery efforts. I built Next Step with the mission to not only put homeownership within reach of everyone, but to prepare every homeowner for long-term success. We do this by ensuring home buyers have the education, tools and resources needed to make informed decisions when financing and buying a home. They also have the knowledge necessary to keep their home in times of crisis.

With over 40 million Americans filing for unemployment since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many are struggling week-to-week just to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When the crisis has abated, and we are able return to some semblance of normalcy, many of these people will have written off their chance at owning a home.

We can’t let this happen. You can help keep the dream of homeownership alive and well. 

Before COVID-19, we had short supply of housing, and an even bigger need for affordable housing. Next Step – in conjunction with our members and partners in the factory-built housing space – is rethinking how we meet the needs of the individuals and families who have been directly impacted. Factory-built homes are still the largest source of unsubsidized housing in the country, and is the only viable affordable housing option in many communities.

With your support, we can educate more people about the affordability and quality of today’s factory-built homes. This month is National Homeownership Month and we are asking you to show your support for sustainable and affordable homeownership. Help someone in your community secure their financial stability, and achieve their dream of living in a safe and sustainable home. The old way of thinking about housing has failed us. Only through innovation, collaboration, and community support can we be prepared for the next crisis.

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In partnership,

Stacey Epperson
President & Founder