Home Financing

Next Step partners with lending partners with specialized knowledge and experience in manufactured home financing. These lenders can accommodate a variety of loan options, including VA, USDA, and FHA loans. Each lender provides its own offers and perks, so we highly encourage you to compare a few options to ensure the best deal for your unique situation.

Ready to take the next step? Contact a lending partner below or read our Manufactured Home Financing Guide to learn more about financing your new home.

Our Lending Partners


Contact: Andrew Lioi, Sr. Loan Originator
Phone: 240-229-6594
Website: www.cardinalfinancial.com
Email: andrew.lioi@cardinalfinancial.com


Phone: 877-540-6585
Website: www.elend.com 
Email: KilpatrickWoods@elend.com


Contact: Alex Nunemaker
Phone: 240-204-5610
Website: fitzgeraldfinancial.net
Email: alex.nunemaker@fitzgeraldfinancial.net


Contact: Mark Ebinger
Phone: 301-788-0996
Website: www.markebinger.com
Email: mark.ebinger@guildmortgage.net


Contact: Janel Lawson, Vice President of Single-Family Lending
Phone: 859-228-2119
Website: promlo.com/justchoice
Email address: jlawson@justchoicelending.com


Contact Name: Shane Miller, CEO & Co-Founder
Phone: 864-906-6019
Website: www.newstorylending.com
Email: shane.miller@newstorylending.com


Contact Name: Denise Johnson
Phone: 202-236-9862
Website: www.pncmortgage.com/denisejohnson
Email: denise.johnson@pnc.com