Next Step Welcomes First Homeowners to Petersburg, VA

Hector is a 32-year-old Marine instructor originally from San Antonio, Texas, with 14 years of dedicated service to the Marines. Hector has experienced a nomadic lifestyle, moving across the globe, including serving in more than half the states in the US. Recently, Hector, his wife and their three fur babies found themselves in Petersburg, Virginia, where they purchased a new home in our Homes in the Heights development project.

Before coming to Petersburg, Hector owned a home in Temecula, California. Hector explained that this home set a high bar for all future residences, and it created a standard of comfort and quality that Hector was determined to maintain. He found this comfort, quality, and affordability in a newly constructed, energy-efficient Next Step home.

The process of buying his new home was not without its challenges. Despite experiencing delays at closing, Hector remained resilient and said that his wife’s happiness upon seeing their new home made the entire process worthwhile.

When asked what he would tell a homebuyer who’s on the fence about purchasing a new manufactured home, Hector says not to be misguided by outdated reputations. He says no one who’s seen his home can tell it’s a manufactured house. He says it’s simply a beautiful home at an affordable price.

Hear more about Hector’s recent home purchase by listening to his interview with NPR here.