New Look. Same Vision. Taking Our Next Step.

When I began to lay the groundwork for what would eventually become Next Step nearly a decade ago, I couldn’t have imagined what the future held for this work.

The vision was always there: a viable and sustainable source of housing for individuals and families. Good homes – built on solid foundations – that helped helps folks build wealth for themselves and their posterity. Energy-efficient homes that would cut down on homeownership costs and help steward environmental responsibility. Balanced financing that would ensure sustainable homeownership and increase home values.

I wanted to change the way people looked at factory-built housing, and give more people the chance to own a home. What I didn’t know – yet – was how this vision would come to fruition.

Today, Next Step launches a brand new website, yet another step in the evolution of our organization. It showcases how we have moved, and continue to move, our vision and our mission forward.

We’re working with mission-driven nonprofits and committed industry partners nationwide, incorporating factory-built housing solutions into communities across the country. We’re building a program to create better prepared and educated homebuyers who want to purchase their own manufactured home. We’re leveraging knowledge and expertise in the factory-built housing space to promote and expand the smart use of more manufactured and modular housing in cities and municipalities from coast to coast. We’re advocating for our homeowners – telling their stories and ensuring that they have every opportunity possible to achieve their goals and their dreams.

None of what Next Step has accomplished has been possible without our funders, partners, members, friends and advocates. These individuals and organizations have come to recognize what we at our core know to be true: it doesn’t matter how a house is built. Whether it’s in a factory or on site, there will be walls and doors and windows and bedrooms.

A home is built with the love, compassion, hopes and dreams of families who live there. It’s built in the opportunity for people to enjoy today, and look to a brighter future.

I can’t wait to see how Next Step advances our vision and mission in the next decade. For now, I hope that you enjoy our new look, and I look forward continuing to this work together.