Kentucky ENERGY STAR Home Shipments Skyrocket

Next Step Network applauds increased home shipments in the Commonwealth over three-year period

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LOUISVILLE, KY – May 21, 2019 – The number of ENERGY STAR-rated manufactured homes shipped in Kentucky has risen from 53 homes in 2015 to 472 homes in 2018, according to data from the Systems Building Research Alliance (SBRA), a nonprofit organization with the mission of developing new technologies to enhance the value, quality, and performance of factory-built homes.

“The market growth for ENERGY STAR homes in Kentucky validates the hard work that organizations and businesses across the state have done to improve the quality and value of factory-built homes,” said Stacey Epperson, president and founder of Next Step. “Highly energy-efficient homes allow for homeowners to save on their monthly utility bills, and increase the wealth and value built into their homes.”

In 2018, 2,421 manufactured homes were shipped in Kentucky—with 19.5 percent of those homes qualifying for ENERGY STAR certification. This represents a 17.5 percent increase in market share for ENERGY STAR homes since 2015, when only 53 (or two percent) of the 2,552 of the homes shipped in the state met ENERGY STAR qualifications.

The rapid growth of ENERGY STAR is Kentucky is impressive. On the one hand, the decision to buy an ENERGY STAR home should be an easy: ENERGY STAR features improve home affordability by lowering total monthly costs while improving construction quality and durability. However, in reality, market uptake happens when partners like Next Step get involved, helping homebuyers recognize the intrinsic value of the ENERGY STAR investment.

Next Step Network began an initiative in 2016 – through the organization’s SmartMH program – to increase the number of ENERGY STAR-rated homes available for purchase in the state. As of year-end 2018, 472 ENERGY STAR homes shipped in Kentucky, saving Kentucky homeowners more than $373,000 per year on monthly utility bills. An ENERGY STAR qualified home is significantly more energy-efficient in its heating, cooling and water heating than a comparable standard code home.

Kentucky-based manufactured housing retailers have made ENERGY STAR a part of their quality brand, saving home buyers hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills. In 2018, the retailers leading this effort in the Commonwealth were:

  • George Humfleet Homes LLC (London, Kentucky)
  • Red Sun Homes (Russell Springs, Kentucky)
  • Clayton Somerset (Somerset, Kentucky)
  • Clayton Corbin (Corbin, Kentucky)
  • Blueridge Homes (Whitley City, Kentucky)

SmartMH retailers connect qualified homebuyers with financial institutions and manufactured home retailers to increase access to affordable, ENERGY STAR manufactured homes with fair financing. Freddie Mac has partnered with Next Step to grow the SmartMH program, while providing access to credit assistance, home buyer education and down payment assistance –  preparing home buyers become great home owners.

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