Cost Savings

Today’s factory-built homes are hand-crafted in dedicated home-building facilities, staffed and supervised by professional teams in a secure environment.

Homes are built indoors (meaning no weather delays), and factories allow for a greater degree of quality control for each home built. These facilities can build homes in a much faster and more cost-effective way than traditional home builders – meaning less cost for your new home.

Check out this great video that details why factory-built homes are a great choice!


Did you know that with a factory-built home, your entire home can be ENERGY STAR-certified?

Factory-built ENERGY STAR-certified homes can save you up to 30 percent on your monthly utility bills. Increased energy efficiency helps increase value – and upgrading to a more energy-efficient home package can be a powerful investment. Be sure to talk to a home sales representative for more information, and ask if there is a rebate available for upgrading to an ENERGY STAR®-rated home – as some utility companies and power cooperatives offer rebates for home buyers.

Check out this great video from the ENERGY STAR program for more information!

Quality Construction

Factory-built homes are made in America built by highly skilled home builders, and crafted with precision. Homes comply with stringent standards, and are constructed and assembled in a dedicated home-building facility. These homes can be single- or multi-section, and are designed to be compatible with all types of neighborhood styles. Choosing a factory-built home offers a variety of benefits:

  • Building a home in a controlled environment allows for controlled costs – which means a more affordable price for you!
  • There are no weather delays with new factory-built home – all materials stay completely dry until your home is delivered.
  • A shorter construction time means that you can move into your new home faster.
  • You can select the size and layout of your home, and customize it with upgrades that fit your needs.

And did you ever wonder how factory-built homes are placed on to a home site? Check out this great video of a home placement below!