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"A Home is a Home"

Program Summation

A Home is a Home. Itís that simple.
Americans live in manufactured housing and they call it ďhome.Ē

Unfortunately, these homeowners are discriminated against in many ways.  Their mortgage financing is harder, their choice in where they reside is harder, and they find themselves outside an efficient real estate market system that discriminates when they sell their home.  Federal, state and local programs that are designed to help families buy homes make it more difficult for manufactured housing to be an affordable housing solution.

For millions of American families, manufactured housing is the least costly alternative for quality housing.  Manufactured housing takes advantage of controlled construction conditions and bulk purchases to produce a home equal to site-built houses.  Todayís manufactured housing, that is well built and maintained, can be attractive, grow in value and open the door to homeownership for millions more.

At Next Step, we are committed to removing federal, state and local barriers to affordable housing, including manufactured housing.  Manufactured housing homeowners should be treated in the same way as site built homeowners.  We are joined by an ever increasing field of advocates that share our same belief.


Next Step has engaged national partners to coordinate policy positions to garner more support and foster grass roots advocacy for programs supporting our work. CFEDís IíM HOME initiative supported the launch of Next Step and ROC USA, along with a network of advocates to advance sector change. Next Step works with CFED and its partners to address lingering problems in substandard manufactured housing through education and advocacy work, and to demonstrate the potential of the Next Step System. IíM HOME brought ROC USA and Next Step together to address development and MH community preservation using factory built housing.

Impact on Low-Income Families

old home          new home

Before                                                After

Family Stories

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