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Partners & Funders

Delivering Sustainable Homeownership at Scale
through a National Nonprofit Network.

Our mission is putting sustainable homeownership within reach of everyone, while transforming the manufactured housing industry one home at a time.

We are building a network of nonprofit homebuilders to replace the last 2 million inefficient pre-HUD Code mobile homes in the US with energy-efficient homes, and to find homeowners responsible financing on fair terms.

We are working to reverse this by replacing the last 2 million inefficient pre-HUD code mobile homes in the US with energy-efficient homes by 2030, and by finding homeowners responsible financing on fair terms. This impacts the nation’s most vulnerable citizens in some of our most impoverished regions.

Our solution is green, high-quality homes that have been carefully designed to increase affordability and homeownership success. In partnership with the nation's largest factory homebuilders, we are creating a national network of high-performing nonprofits committed to delivering the Next Step mission.

We are a social enterprise committed to Affordable Housing Done Right: a modern vision that prepares families to own homes and supports them with education, fair loans and a proven network of experience.

Manufactured Housing - An Affordable Housing Solution

The Facts
Manufactured housing is home to over 22 million Americans. It is the affordable housing solution of choice for millions of the nation’s most vulnerable citizens and a critical affordable housing resource in some of the nation’s most impoverished regions.

The Challenge
Yet despite its importance as an affordable housing resource, manufactured housing has not historically been recognized for its potential to offer a pathway to financial security and wealth creation through homeownership.

The “Green” Challenge
Nearly two million mobile homes built prior to 1976 – the year the federal building code for manufactured homes (the HUD Code) went into effect – still exist nationwide.

Our Theory of Change

Through proven experience and collaboration, we believe that when a home is done right every single time – on the right foundation, providing comprehensive homebuyer support and with the right financing – we can create an opportunity for systemic change. Our Theory of Change builds out from this key assumption and posits the following:

First, a manufactured home designed to balance quality with affordability, built to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards and placed on an engineer-designed FHA Title II Permanent Foundation is central to the appreciation of factory built housing values. We will ensure that Next Step Homes are:

  1. Carefully designed to increase energy efficiency and maximize savings;
  2. Placed on a permanent foundation to guarantee the homebuyer qualifies for the best fixed-rate home financing available; and,
  3. Value engineered to ensure affordability while upholding high quality standards.

Second, access to fair, fixed-rate home financing is essential to healthy housing markets and the capacity to build wealth through homeownership. Comprehensive homebuyer education and support for the homeowner over the life of the loan reinforces access to sustainable financing. We will ensure that homeowners served by our Network Members receive reasonably-priced, fixed-rate financing by designing our homes to meet all lender requirements, allowing for a better initial mortgage and increasing the potential for successful resale of the home.

Third, replacing pre-HUD Code mobile homes with ENERGY STAR certified homes can significantly drive down the cost of home ownership and reduce energy use. Securing access to fair financing motivates homeowners to make rational long-term investments in their homes, including replacing them with new, energy efficient homes. By securing access to responsible financing, we will deliver replacement manufactured homes that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards to low- to moderate-income homeowners, while also leveraging and aligning energy-related public and private resources with traditional housing resources.

For further information contact:

Stacey Epperson, 
President & Founder of Next Step 
606.776.0953 (m), 502.694.1972





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