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Next Step's Impact

We are working to replace the last 2 million inefficient pre-HUD Code mobile homes in the US with energy-efficient homes, and to find homeowners responsible financing on fair terms. This impacts the nation’s most vulnerable citizens in some of our most impoverished regions.

Next Step® - A sustainable social venture grounded in business principles

While national in scale, Next Step® will focus on rural, underserved, Persistent Poverty communities around the country, including Appalachia, the Delta, the Colonias and Indian Country.

Next Step has defined a product strategy that includes:

  • Factory built (modular and manufactured) ENERGY STAR single-family homes marketed to low- and moderate-income homebuyers.
  • Replacement of old energy-inefficient mobile homes with new ENERGY STAR homes.
  • Factory built ENERGY STAR multifamily housing marketed to nonprofit developers.

Impact of Next Step Network

Number of ENERGY STAR Homes Ordered through Next Step Programs 443
Number of Jobs Created 443
Tons of Greenhouse Gases Reduced Annually* 820
Annual Energy Cost Savings** $132,900
Number of Organizations Trained on Manufactured Housing Done Right 637
Rebate Provided to Members through Revenue Sharing Model $142,481
Number of MH Communities Owned or Managed by Members  7
Number of Affordable Homes Preserved in Next Communities 1037

*Based on national averages provided by the DOE that one ENERGY STAR home reduces 3,700 lbs (1.85 tons) of greenhouse gases annually. Source:
**Based on national averages provided by the DOE that one ENERGY STAR home saves $300 in energy costs annually. Source:



Long-term impact

Next Step seeks the following outcomes over the long term:

  • Establishment of a strong network of nonprofit members providing affordable and sustainable factory built housing options at scale.
  • Widespread adoption of manufactured housing as a cost-effective and scalable strategy for nonprofit housing providers serving low-and moderate-income consumers.
  • Replacement of the most energy-guzzling, substandard housing stock in America with high-quality, energy-efficient homes.
  • Proof of concept of a sustainable business model for both Next Step and for our individual Network Members using factory-built homes to help meet their mission.